Commercial Real Estate Secrets
Commercial Real Estate Secrets
0% correlation between quality of dentistry and success of the practice with Dr. Bryan Laskin

Dr. Bryan Laskin is founder of Upgrade Dental, an educational platform that teaches dental offices and DSOs how to grow their practices by putting patients first. He’s been in the dental industry for 22 years and has owned his own practice for 19 years.

Recently, he’s been investing in different dental tech companies. He’s launching a new platform called “ToothApps” where they put dental apps on the platform which facilitates services like ToothPay and tele-dentistry.

Bryan shares his observations about how exceptional dentistry doesn’t actually make you successful. There is 0% correlation between quality of dentistry and success of the practice. Its about the patient experience.

Favorite business books/podcasts:

Traction by Gino Wickman, Storybrand by Don Miller, The Prof G Podcast with Scott Galloway, The Patient First Podcast

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