Personal Injury Mastermind
Personal Injury Mastermind
100. How to Get PI Clients

To celebrate the momentous milestone of our 100th episode, I want to take a moment to look back on some of the amazing guests we’ve had so far on the show. More specifically, I want to highlight some of the best advice we’ve heard in regard to marketing, and how to get more clients in the Personal Injury space.
A good marketing strategy requires constant reevaluation, flexibility, and innovation, so in this episode we will be taking you through a bunch of different formats and platforms in the hope of sparking some new ideas for you. From TV and Radio, to social media, to SEO, we’ve compiled top tips from experts in each field, so get ready for a marketing strategy extravaganza!
What’s In This Episode?

Mike Papantonio on the importance of innovation

Top tips for TV ad campaigns with James Farrin and Glen Lerner

Gary Sarner on the value of Radio

Website essentials with Mike Budny

Ali Awad’s Instagram masterclass

Navigating Linkedin with Shay Rowbottom

Jacob Malherbe on getting the most out of Facebook ads

Understanding Pay Per Click with Steve Ginsberg

Harry Morton’s roadmap for a great podcast

How to repurpose content with Shaina Weisinger

Brian Dean’s secret sauce for increasing your backlinks

What makes a good backlink with David Farkas

Neil Patel on the future of digital marketing

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