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#114 with Steph Smith – The Head of Trends Talks Insider Trading and The Gen-Z Mafia
My First Million

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Sam Parr (@theSamParr) and Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) invite Steph Smith (@stephsmithio) on the pod today. Stephen is an employee at The Hustle, world traveler and all around indie-hacker. In today’s episode you’ll hear: Shaan and Sam introduce Steph (0:40), Steph introduces a fresh idea around remote/WFH by tackling all of the needs of someone newly adjusting to WFH life (4:00), the group talked about unorthodox company perks (12:10), Sam and the group brainstorm around “What are the most interesting 1-3 person operations you’ve seen?” (16:30), Steph pitches an idea of becoming the agency for celebrities because most celebrities have terrible web presence (24:00), Steph’s third idea revolves around HIPAA compliant (or other compliance) services and creating first-mover advantages by tracking legislation (30:15), Steph introduces the guys to a reddit tool that allows you to mind map topics on Reddit (36:00), the group talks about the advantages of tracking insider trades (40:30), Sam talks about a company called FION which is building A technology platform that allows you to track and predict where wildfires will start and spread (46:00), Steph talks about hiring gen-zers to build corporate training material (50:00),

Companies, people and resources mentioned:

  • Benefits company:
  • Benefits company:
  • Live music discovery platform:
  • Peter Levels @levelsio
  • Fastest growing Inc 5000 company:
  • Related subreddit tool:
  • Nuclear energy girl:
  • Gen Z Mafia
  • Insider trading reporting:
  • Wildfire tracker:
  • Art school game:

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