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#117 Austen Allred – Lambda School’s Founder Brings His Best Ideas
My First Million

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Sam Parr (@theSamParr) and Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) are joined by Austen Allred (@Austen) on the pod today. Austen is the founder of Lambda School (@LambdaSchool). In today’s episode you’ll hear: Austen gives background on Lambda School and explains the challenges and opportunities in the education space (1:05) Shaan asks Austen to explain his rise from sleeping in a car in San Francisco to running Lambda School (14:00), Austen talks about how his Mormon mission prepared him for a life in business (20:28), Austen breaks down how colleges make money off of application fees (28:35), The guys talk about the big business of college entrance exams (36:35) Austen pitches his idea of increasing productivity at companies by reducing the slack from employees (47:20), the guys discuss the pros and cons of employee tracking software in the age of COVID and mass remote work (50:33), Shaan asks Austen to predict ways different “Lambda School’s for X” are going to grow into the future (58:00).

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