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#119 with Josh Elman – How To Get The Benefits of Entrepreneurship Without Starting a Company
My First Million

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Sam Parr (@theSamParr) and Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) are joined by Josh Elman (@joshelman) on the pod today. Elman is a veteran of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Robinhood to name a few. This guy knows Silicon Valley and growth better than anyone else. In today’s episode you’ll hear: Shaan asks Josh to give his background (1:00), Sam asks if it’s better to start your own thing or climb your way up in a tech startup (8:25), Elman answers the question “what technology or company has that 10x or 100x potential in the next few years (9:15), Josh explains the “meta-verse” or “the third place” and how AI will lead the way there (18:15), how the TV show Black Mirror has influenced tech (24:55), Elman unpacks his time at Stanford and the power of being around intelligent people and gives some stories on his early days at Unicorn companies (31:00), Sam puts Josh on the spot and asks him how he can 10x his own business (47:35),

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