The FORT with Chris Powers
The FORT with Chris Powers
#121: Andrew Wilkinson - Co-Founder of Tiny Capital

Today’s episode features the Co-Founder of Tiny Capital, Andrew Wilkinson. Tiny Capital owns 30+ companies and focuses on buying, starting, and investing in internet businesses.

On this episode, Chris and Andrew discuss his childhood creating MetaLab which led him to help design some of the most well known companies like Slack and CoinBase. They also talk about the process of acquiring businesses, Andrew’s habit of starting businesses when he’s bored, his experience going public with WeCommerce and much more. Enjoy!

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(02:51) – Andrews Background


The Making of an American Capitalist

(09:50) – How did you think about money at an early age?

(13:54) – Do you consider yourself a designer? How did you learn this?

(17:17) – Did you have founder’s guilt when it came time to replace yourself?

(19:21) – Doing the Things You Hate Doing in Business

(21:35) – Do you actually like reading a P&L and balance sheets?

(22:16) – What’s an immediate ‘no’ of all the businesses that cross your desk?

(26:00) – Once you’ve agreed to buy a business, what’s the process like going forward to close?

(29:32) – Do you negotiate?

(30:13) – Structuring CEO Comp and What Questions You’re Trying to Answer When Developing a Plan

(32:27) – Will you steer founders to go get a bank loan for a new company project or will you deploy capital?

(34:43) – If you had one hour to talk to each of your CEOs per year, what would you discuss with them?

Tao of Charlie Munger

(36:09) – Twitter Q: What is the key role, or person, to take a company from $500k-1M in revenue to $5-10M?

(38:00) – You speak very highly of your partner Chris. What do you do and what does he do?

(39:03) – Do y’all have a standing meeting or when do you communicate?

(39:51) – WeCommerce

(43:17) – A Traditional IPO vs. a Reverse Takeover

(45:20) – When did you decide it was time to go public?

(46:11) – What was your involvement in the Stamped Acquisition?

(47:28) – What have you learned from Bill Ackman and how did you meet him?


(51:26) – What’s your process like to go from an idea to the launch of a business?

(58:19) – What’s the biggest thing content creators are missing when it comes to monetization?

Joe Rogan Got Ripped Off by Spotify

(1:02:34) – If you were the CEO of Twitter, what would you do to change the company?

(1:06:38) – Is there a childhood experience that shaped where you would go in life?

(1:07:49) – What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

(1:08:57) – How can people get in touch with you?


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