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#131 – The Companies We Would Buy and Fix and A Multi-Million Dollar Rapper Snack Business
My First Million

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Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) and Sam Parr (@TheSamParr) discuss:

  • Shaan finds Internet gold in the Twitter replies from followers of Chamath (1:45)
  • Sam explains why Casper mattress company should be in the midwest instead of Brooklyn (3:35)
  • Sam thinks one company that is ripe for innovation is Subway (5:25)
  • the guys talk about why Western Union should switch to Crypto and modernize (7:10)
  • Shaan thinks CVS is another candidate ripe for modernization (12:30)
  • Shaan explains why Tootsie Roll should go viral (15:45)
  • Sam and Shaan wonder why new candy bars don’t exist (22:15)
  • Shaan breaks down a blog post called “Nine Charts About Why Bitcoin is Different This Time” and on if there’s substance behind Bitcoin’s recent rise (30:25)
  • Shaan pitches a “collaborative search engine” idea that he’s calling Figma for Browsers (36:10)
  • Could “Substack for video” be a thing? (42:00)
  • the guys find an interesting bootstrapper online named Jakob Greenfeld (44:35)

Reference links:

  • Chamath’s tweet
  • Shinola
  • Gumspy
  • Rap Snacks
  • Rokfin
  • Why Bitcoin is different this time

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