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#137 – The Aftermath of The Combine Idea, The Next Trillion Dollar Industry, Crypto Art Selling For Millions
My First Million

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Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) and Sam Parr (@TheSamParr) discuss:

  • (16:45-27:40) Shaan’s $10m/yr idea: combine for young athletes
  • (27:40-33:10) What small markets today will be worth trillions in the future?
  • (33:10-35:55) Shaan becomes a minor celebrity within the bitcoin community
  • (35:56-46:00) More industries that may soon boom
  • (46:00-47:35) Talking cool company names
  • (47:35-52:45) The business of talking about TV shows
  • (53:15-57:20) Cameo-style businesses
  • (57:20-1:02:05) The massive business of OnlyFans
  • (1:02:06-1:08:48) Why the Nelk Boys are exploding

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