The Long Distance Love Bombs Podcast
The Long Distance Love Bombs Podcast
152. Jason Markow (TEKST): What's the deal with NFTs and cryptocurrency?

Jason Markow (known around the web as ‘@TEKSTartist’) has been slinging designs from his southern California studio since 2011. His techniques often combine digital and traditional mediums to create visual representations of powerful quotes.

His work hangs in the homes and offices of Jason Mraz, Chuck Palahniuk, Alexis Ohanian, Gary Vaynerchuk, and fans across all 50 US States and 34 countries around the globe.

-Jason recently started his own podcast, Another Crypto Show! Check that out here:

-His TEKSTARTIST website: and his personal:

-His Instagram, full of amazing work:

-His Twitter:

-Dude even has a Medium page! here:

-And Facebook here:

For more sweet crypto knowledge, listen to experts like Kevin Rose over on Modern Finance:

And Kevin’s NFT podcast, PROOF:

-For further mind-exploding, follow that up with Tim Ferriss’ incredible interview with Balaji Srinivasan on the future of Bitcoin and Ethereum:

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