#170 with Jake Paul - Why Jake Paul Thinks He's Worth Billions

Shaan (@ShaanVP) and Sam (@TheSamParr) are joined by Jake Paul (@JakePaul) and Geoffrey Woo (@geoffreywoo). The guys talk about Jake’s upcoming fight with Ben Askren and a friendly wager Sam placed. We dive into business with Jake giving his take on the creator economy, why he’s worth billions to the big platforms, and how Bitclout can play a role in all of it. He thinks he can be the next Jay-Z or Dr. Dre, bridging an entertainment career with a successful business one. He’s already had a hit with Fanjoy, which he breaks down for us. Jake also talks about his investment philosophy, some of the companies he’s investing in, and the areas he’s most interested in at the moment.


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Show notes:

* (2:32) Jake talks about his upcoming fight with Ben Askren

* (7:29) Jake and Geoff talk about his new fund and his investing philosophy

* (20:14) The business opportunities Jake’s most interested in

* (30:41) The guys give their takes on Bitclout and the creator economy

* (40:05) Brainstorming with Jake

* (1:05:08) The guys debrief after the Jake Paul podcast

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