#174 with Andrew Wilkinson - How to Network with Billionaires, Andrew and Sam's Recent Investments, & A Better Investor Than Buffett

Sam (@theSamParr) is joined by Andrew (@awilkinson) to catch up. They spend the first half of the episode talking about the investments they’ve each made in 2021. Andrew then dives into a more obscure investment he made: a bakery! He explains it’s more for fun than profit. Andrew also drops some great hacks: how he saves time on email and how he networks with billionaires.
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Show notes:
* (4:24) The entrepreneur lifestyle and the stress that comes with it
* (12:45) Sam and Andrew talk about their recent investments
* (45:20) Andrew bought a bakery. Here’s what he’s doing with it
* (53:10) How to make your hometown cool
* (55:52) Henry Singleton: better than Warren Buffett
* (1:02:28) Andrew’s email hack and how he donates
* (1:11:25) Why Andrew is the king of networking

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