#178 with Balaji - Balaji on How to Fix the Media, Cloud Communities & Crypto

Shaan (@ShaanVP) and Sam (@TheSamParr) host Balaji (@balajis) this episode. This is an amazing dive into Balaji’s mind. He talks about the current issues with the media and how he’s hoping to fix it with crypto and the blockchain. We also get a look at how he views the world, what motivates him, what he’s been wrong about as well as the massive shifts he sees happening.


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Show notes:

* (0:00) Intro

* (2:30) Balaji’s background

* (7:33) Why Balaji started a newsletter: 1729

* (22:40) The media and its biases

* (31:58) Balaji on memes and their importance

* (37:45) What the future of media looks like and the role of crypto

* (56:26) When did Balaji get into crypto?

* (1:01:30) Sam asks Balaji what motivates him

* (1:11:50) How the world is changing and becoming more Balaji-like

* (1:19:39) What would 21 year-old Balaji work on?

* (1:22:46) Why geographical proximity is no longer linked to cultural proximity

* (1:26:25) How we can align incentives between tech and everyone else

* (1:32:30) Balaji on crypto-social networks

* (1:37:30) How Balaji operates day-to-day and “the idea maze”

* (1:47:33) The importance of finding the right place to live

* (1:57:30) What it’s like to talk to Balaji

* (2:02:08) What has Balaji been wrong about?

* (2:11:00) Science vs. math: getting to the truth

* (2:21:10) Balaji asks Sam for newsletter advice

* (2:24:40) What are Balaji’s guilty pleasures

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