#184 - Making Millions Improving Mobility, How to Beat Linkedin & Why You're Early Even When You're Late

Canva is awesome, so why hasn’t anyone pulled off Canva for video? Shaan (@ShaanVP) and Sam (@TheSamParr) dive into the opportunities in this space and how a huge company can be built by making it easier to create videos. The guys then talk mobility. This is a huge market opportunity with companies like GOWOD and The Ready State making millions helping people improve their mobility. Next, the guys brainstorm on creating a better Linkedin and a few companies doing it.


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Show notes:

* (11:42) Canva for video explained

* (24:25) Why we need super joints

* (39:37) The local Linkedin?

* (45:08) How to build a better Linkedin

* (1:00:03) Even when you’re late, you’re early

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