#186 with Marc Lore - Brainstorming with Billionaire Marc Lore on What He Would Build Today and the Future of Ecommerce

Shaan (@ShaanVP) and Sam (@TheSamParr) talk with billionaire Marc Lore. Marc is an entrepreneur who started The Pitt, Diapers.com, and Jet.com. Collectively he has sold his companies for over $4B. Marc talks about his plans for his new NBA team, the Minnesota Timberwolves, which he bought alongside Alex Rodriguez. He talks about how he plans to run the team like he has always ran his companies. He talks about the importance of hiring the right people (and how to do it) and being well-capitalized. For the second half of the podcast, we jump straight into a brainstorm. Marc talks about the interesting companies he’s investing in as well as the ones he would like to exist. He even breaks down how he would go about creating a $100m e-commerce related company within the next 3 years


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Show notes:

* (6:00) How Marc came to own the Timberwolves

* (15:28) How Marc Lore hires people

* (28:30) These are the companies Marc is investing now

* (37:40) How Marc decides which companies to start and how he goes about it

* (44:47) Where Marc thinks the future of e-commerce is going

* (55:17) How Marc would build a company to sell for $100m

* (1:00:27) Shaan and Sam debrief

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