#193 - How a $25 Million a Year Sweepstakes Business Works and Shaan Predicts the Future

Shaan (@ShaanVP) and Sam (@TheSamParr) go in depth on how the Sweepstakes industry works, and Sam shares how they would use sweepstakes to grow the Hustle. The guys also discuss a business friendly take on deep fakes, a no-chicken chicken nugget, and how options contacts could work for startup founders. They end the episode with a long segment where Shaan predicts what the next version of today’s big companies will look like.


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Show notes:

* (1:20) Recap of episode

* (6:36) Brick and mortar businesses

* (10:45) Losing millions with shipping delays

* (14:26) Oasis – a positive spin on deep fakes

* (23:23) Multi-million dollar sweepstakes businesses

* (36:39) How the Hustle thought about user acquisition

* (41:12) The chicken-free chicken nugget

* (44:09) Options contracts for startups

* (50:16) The Future: Shaan gazes into a crystal ball

* (51:13) The Future: Apple

* (51:56) The Future: Facebook

* (53:23) The Future: Amazon

* (54:31) The Future: 7/11

* (55:28) The Future: Netflix

* (56:55) The Future: Pornhub

* (57:53) The Future: Domino’s

* (59:30) Episode close

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