#196 with Dan Held - Who Really Created Bitcoin & Other Crypto Startup Ideas

Shaan (@ShaanVP) and Sam (@theSamParr) are joined in this episode by serial Bitcoin entrepreneur Dan Held (@DanHeld). They talk about the Genesis block of Bitcoin, who Satoshi Nakamoto might really be, and the controversy around Tether. They end the episode talking about business ideas in the Crypto space and how to make money in the creator economy.


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Show notes:

* (:47) Intro to Dan Held

* (3:01) How Dan got his first Bitcoin

* (4:17) Will the real Satoshi please stand up

* (9:31) Dan’s Early Bitcoin days

* (15:00) Ideas for the Bitcoin & Crypto space

* (21:35) A new kind of private wealth manager

* (24:43) The controversy around Tether

* (31:28) Bitcoin security and multi-signature wallets

* (36:31) Growth hacks to build your audience

* (40:41) Monetizing in the creator economy

* (46:44) Laser eyes and memes

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