The Fox News Rundown
The Fox News Rundown
2021 Was No Laughing Matter, But Jimmy Failla Manages to Find Some

After a year like 2021, we could all use a chuckle. While we did see things reopen last spring and many of us got a sense of normalcy again, the last few weeks have been pretty rough. Jimmy Failla, comedian, and host of FOX Across America, looks back at the past year, the stories we could laugh about, and why he is optimistic about 2022. Failla also discusses “Cancel Culture” and why he thinks the future is bright for free expression.

One of the biggest political stories of the year was Virginia’s hotly contested gubernatorial election. Glenn Youngkin, the once seemingly unknown Republican businessman, would eventually go on to defeat Democratic candidate and former Governor Terry McAuliffe. Youngkin joined host Mike Emanuel on the Rundown just a few weeks before Election Day to discuss the key issues in that race, including education– and more specifically, critical race theory. His focus on the topic of education, many believe, catapulted him to victory and gave Republicans a potential roadmap to big wins in next year’s midterm elections. Today, on the Rundown we look back at our interview with Youngkin from October 4th, when he was still behind in the polls but gaining steam.

Plus, commentary by author and vice president of communications for Focus on The Family, Paul Batura.

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