#205 - How to Stop Your Tech Addiction

In this episode Sam (@theSamParr) and Shaan (@ShaanVP) revisit the NCAA rule changes about college athletes making money and Shaan shares his prediction about who the next big sports agent will be. They also talk about buying lotto tickets via an app, the mugshot industry, & how to fight tech and porn addiction. They end the episode with Shaan sharing a Chrome extension idea.


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Show notes:

* (:53) Intro

* (2:24) Buying lottery tickets online

* (8:46) Making money around NIL – name, image, likeness

* (14:21) The college sports agent

* (18:59) The origin story of Scooter Braun

* (23:01) Shaan’s one regret from college

* (24:37) The AngelList scout program

* (28:43) The mugshot posting & removal industry

* (35:29) An app to fight tech & porn addiction

* (39:02) Story sidebar – Earl Nightingale & who’s serving who

* (42:12) Back to fighting tech addiction

* (46:32) An idea for a Chrome extension

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