#209 with Gary Vaynerchuk - Why NFTS Are the Future

In this episode Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) joins Sam (@theSamParr) and Shaan (@ShaanVP) to give a master class on NFTs. Gary shares his predictions on the future of NFTs and how they’ll be (eventually) used by everyone. He also talks about the growth of VaynerX, his love of garage sales, and the launch of VeeFriends & VeeCon. At the end, he shares the biggest lesson he learned from passing on investing in Uber (twice).


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Show notes:

* (0:58) Intro

* (5:14) The headcount growth of VaynerX

* (11:44) On Shaan’s Clubhouse prediction

* (13:39) Gary’s conviction to the game

* (17:44) Shaan’s first foray into NFTs

* (19:53) Gary’s prediction on the future of NFTs

* (23:24) Revisiting the purchase of Michael Jordan’s house

* (28:03) The story of the Spirits of St. Louis

* (29:21) The what, not the how, for NFTs

* (32:53) VeeFriends and VeeCon

* (39:24) On Gary’s master plan to buy and grow existing brands

* (43:28) How Gary thinks about creating content

* (45:52) Putting wins on the board

* (47:28) Missing on Uber

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