20VC: Data Collective’s Matt Ocko on The Dark Side Of AI & What Happens When 3-4m People Become Unemployed Overnight
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Matt Ocko is the Co-Managing Partner and Co-Founder @ Data Collective and has over 3 decades of experience as a tech entrepreneur and VC and has made investments in the likes of Facebook, Zynga, Uber and AngelList just to name a few. If that was not enough he is also an inventor on over 40 granted or in process patents. A truly deep thinker and one of my fave ever shows to record.

In Today’s Episode with Matt You Will Learn:

  • How Matt made his way into VC and came to co-found Data Collective?
  • What is the biggest challenge facing the rise of AI today? How does this evolve the further into the category we get?
  • How does this affect the future of work? What will the 3-4m unemployed non-college educated do? What is the solution to this? Universal basic income?
  • How does the rise of AI radically alter the structure of society? How does it affect national economies and global macroeconomics?
  • Why is the Keynesian belief, that human wants and needs are infinite and we will simply adjust to AI life, not relevant? What does that say about the adoption and disruption rate?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Show:

Matt’s Fave Blog and Newsletter: MIT Technology Review

Matt’s Fave Book: The Way Things Work

Matt’s Most Recent Investment: Tradeshift

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