20VC: Turning Down Apple & Getting Funded By Chamath @ Social Capital with Dhananja Jayalath, Co-Founder & CEO @ Athos
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Dhananja Jayalath is the Co-Founder & CEO @ Athos, creating the new standard for fitness by changing the way we train the human body. Athos have funding from our friends at Social Capital, Felix Capital and DCM Ventures just to name a few of their investors. Prior to Athos, DJ turned down a job with Apple straight from University to pursue his vision of creating the next generation of consumer fitness wearables with Athos.

In Today’s Episode with DJ You Will Learn:

  • How DJ went from University to turning down Apple to founding Athos?
  • How did DJ come to meet Chamath @ Social? How was the fundraising experience? What did Athos do well and what would DJ like to improve for the next round?
  • How does DJ approach iteration and testing within product testing at Athos?
  • What are the lessons DJ has learned in the manufacturing and iteration process with Athos?
  • How does DJ approach business models for Athos today? Does DJ agree that the winners of hardware will be determined by software?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Show:

DJ’s Fave Book: Velocity: The 7 New Laws For A World Gone Digital

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