20VC: What LP’s Want In VCs with Beezer Clarkson, Managing Director @ Sapphire Ventures
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Beezer Clarkson is Managing Director @ Sapphire Ventures where she leads Sapphire’s investments in venture funds domestically and internationally. Prior to joining Sapphire, Beezer managed day-to-day operations @ DFJ’s Global Network, which had $7 billion under management across 16 venture funds worldwide. She has also spent time at Omidyar Network created by Ebay founder, Pierre Omdiyar, Hewlett Packard and Morgan Stanley. Beezer also runs the incredible openlp.com which is really opening up the world of LPs and if you have not checked that out, it really is a must! 

In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How did Beezer make her way into the world of limited partners?

2.) How do LP’s find a new and talented fund manager? Is it a similar referral process as in startups with? How does the sourcing element of the LP world work?

3.) How do GPs raising a fund differ from startups raised their round? What are the similarities and differences in the processes?

4.) What does the investment decision making process look like for Beezer? Are their commonalities in the process of great LP’s processes? What do you at Sapphire focus on when investing??

5.) At Sapphire you have extensively researched the formulas of what makes a great VC, what have been your findings? What are the commonalities amongst the great VCs?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Episode: 

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Beezer’s Fave Book: The Tale of the One Way Street

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