20VC: Will LPs Replace GPs with Chris Douvos, Managing Director @ VIA
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Chris Douvos is Managing Director @ Venture Investment Associates (VIA) where he is a member of the Firm’s Investment Committee and has responsibility for the management of relationships with the funds’ managers and its limited partners, as well as the identification and development of new relationships for the Firm. Prior to joining VIA, he spent time at The Investment Fund For Foundations (TIFF). where he was responsible for over $1 billion. Prior to that, Chris worked on Princeton University’s endowment team. One of Chris’ most notable investments is his pre-first fund investment in First Round Capital. Chris is also the author of the fantastic blog, www.SuperLP.com, definitely check that out if you have not had the chance yet.  

In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How did Chris make his way into the world of limited partners?

2.) How does Chris respond to FOMO as an LP? Does it affect his decision making process? How does he look to avoid it?

3.) What patterns and processes has Chris developed to asses the ability of potential GPs?

4.) Is Chris concerned by the increasing time it is taking for startups to exit? How does this affect his think as an LP and cash on cash relationship to this asset class?

5.) In 2013, Chris aid micro VC was the most exciting space in VC, where is he most excited for now? Where will we see innovation in the VC market?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Episode: 

Chris’ Fave Blog: RedEye VCTomasz Tunguz

Chris’ Fave Book: The Great Gatsby

Chris’ Most Recent Investment: Other Lab

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