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21. Tyler Golato - VitaDAO, Longevity research & living to 1,000

“Longevity has the potential to be to traditional medicine what crypto is to traditional finance.” Balaji Srinivasan, 2021 (@balajis).
Tyler Golato is co-founder of VitaDAO, which is shifting the paradigm on the science of ageing by prioritising research into preventative and pre-emptive medical interventions.
Some longevity researchers contest that the first person to live to 1,000 is alive today. Tyler is more modest in his prediction but maintains that longevity research will unlock vast advancements in human life span.
Currently, it is more profitable for businesses to manage chronic conditions than to cure them leaving little incentive for longevity research funding. VitaDAO seeks to remedy this by offering a decentralised framework to fund, research, and commercialise longevity projects.
They are a decentralised community of academics, researchers, service providers and individuals that are utilising the DAO framework to democratise the BioPharma industry. The first of its kind, VitaDAO is a fascinating use case for future deployments of the model in the medical industry and beyond.

Tyler also goes into detail about his company Molecule (co-founded with Paul Kohlhaas (@paulkhls)), a framework that enables DAO revolution in Biopharma. Molecule aims to allow decentralised entities to interact with intellectual property to fractionalise it, effectively decentralising drug development.

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