#210 - How Celebrities Have Made Billions off Their Names

In this episode Shaan (@ShaanVP) and Sam (@theSamParr) dive into a few industries and talk about the players behind them. They start off talking about car dealerships and the handful of politicians who make major coin through them. They then transition to celebrities and how some have leveraged their name to make even more money. They finish the episode with a few anecdotes on how some people started to accumulate wealth and a snippet on anti-aging and scientific discovery.


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Show notes:

* (0:59) Intro

* (2:47) The Skip Barber racing school

* (6:48) Digitizing the gun range

* (10:57) The politicians making money with car dealerships

* (23:06) The cool growth hack used by Spoonflower

* (28:48) Celebrities making bank of their celebrity

* (35:26) George Clooney hooking up his friends with $1M cash

* (39:51) A feel good story about Shaan’s trainer

* (41:58) The Bar & Bat Mitzvah hack to wealth

* (44:57) A unique twist on Universal Basic Income – the birth dividend

* (47:35) Aubrey de Grey and how scientific breakthroughs work

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