#211 with Julian Shapiro - The 3 Cheat Codes Startups Use to Print Cash

In this episode Shaan (@ShaanVP) is joined by startup growth expert Julian Shapiro (@julian). Julian shares the 3 growth trends he noticed successful startups were implementing to grow at astonishing rates. The pair also discuss different publishing schedule approaches and how to write an effective Twitter bio. They end the episode talking about what each of them would do if they were to do something different.


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Show notes:

* (1:03) Julian on Podcasting

* (4:45) The 3 cheat codes

* (5:44) #1 – Give your customer a no-brainer decision

* (6:15) #1A – Give them money (in a sustainable way)

* (13:02) #1B – Make it super low friction

* (19:48) #2 – Billboarding & naturally encourage sharing

* (30:13) #3 – Self-liquidating funnels

* (40:58) Why publishing erratically works for some

* (45:58) Julian on Twitter bios

* (50:44) What Julian would do if he was doing something different

* (54:20) What Shaan would do

* (57:55) On stand up comedy and what makes a good joke

* (1:02:13) What the best storytellers have in common

* (1:04:27) Where to find Julian

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