#213 - How to Build a Community

In this episode Shaan (@ShaanVP) and Sam (@theSamParr) break down community businesses and different ways you can build a community. They also talk about the law of reciprocity, the ad Sam wrote that competitors have stolen, and the importance of user generated content for digital ads. They end the episode talking about how technology will change construction sites and share a few Instagram accounts worth following.


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Show notes:

* (1:00) The law of reciprocity

* (6:51) What is Friends with Benefits

* (12:56) Why communities can be great businesses

* (14:58) How big can token backed communities be?

* (17:33) Soho House went public

* (19:45) Should MFM make a social token?

* (22:46) Set your data free

* (29:36) Communities of communities can be big businesses

* (30:54) User generated content & Sam’s great ad copy

* (36:45) The hot girl side hustle

* (46:33) The future of construction sites

* (53:41) Remote arcade games

* (57:02) Some accounts to spice up your Instagram feed

* (1:00:01) The man behind Telegram

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