#218 - Why You Should Take a Think Week Like Bill Gates

[Updated] In this episode Sam (@theSamParr) and Shaan (@ShaanVP) talk about what Shaan has learned over the last week by taking a Bill Gates-inspired week off to dive deep into crypto. They also talk about Wilbur Wright, identifying stories from your work experiences, and who they follow in real estate Twitter. They close it out talking about a Twitter thread with a different take on levels of wealth and then potential solutions to Sam’s occasional panic attack.


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Show notes:

* (1:53) The backstory of Wilbur Wright

* (9:26) First, last, best, worst, weirdest

* (12:44) Sell the story

* (17:02) Real estate Twitter

* (29:17) Opportunities for niche content creators

* (33:42) Shaan’s think week is crypto week

* (37:53) Meet Andre

* (40:19) Observations from crypto week

* (43:46) #1 – crypto dev tools

* (45:23) #2 – NFT research tools

* (48:42) Shaan’s take on NFTs

* (59:09) Levels of wealth thread

* (1:07:16) Parallels to Naval and financial freedom

* (1:15:39) Panic attacks

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