The Rabbit Hole: The Definitive Developer's Podcast
The Rabbit Hole: The Definitive Developer's Podcast
236. Editor Picks 2021

To celebrate the close of the year, and another year’s worth of fun and illuminating conversation on this podcast, we are doing our customary round of editor’s picks, where we look at highlights from the last 12 months. After the upheavals of 2020, in some ways, 2021 felt a little more settled, and discussions were able to move forward into some exciting and inspiring directions. From the ‘bus factor’ to ‘quality without a name,’ we covered some great ground here on the show and we look at all the standout moments, talking about their continued value. We get into the episode we had with Kara Swisher about influencing companies, the benefit we all accrued while discussing our notetaking habits, practices, and processes for improvement and education, our series on Aristotle, and a whole lot more. So, if you enjoyed these episodes as much as we did, or are looking to go back and catch up on some great content, join us today. We look forward to reconnecting with you all in the new year!

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