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293: #293: Catherine Hoke — The Master of Second Chances
The Tim Ferriss Show

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Catherine Hoke (@catherine_hoke) is the founder of Defy Ventures, a national nonprofit organization that “transforms the hustle” of currently and formerly incarcerated people. Defy’s vision is to end mass incarceration by using entrepreneurship as a tool to transform legacies and human potential.

Cat was named a #MakeTechHuman Agent of Change by WIRED and Nokia for being one of 17 Global Influencers Expanding Human Possibility Through Technology. She has received the MDC Partners Humanitarian Award on behalf of Defy Ventures, and was included in Forbes’ 40 Women to Watch over 40. She was also named by Fast Company as one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business and is an Ashoka Fellow.

Cat is the author of A Second Chance: For You, for Me, and for the Rest of Us. She is amazing on many levels — personal, athletic, and professional — and we’ll dig into the many facets of her life and lessons learned from her father, among many others.


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