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43: Mia Nguyen, Ops at TKS & Co-founder at GOmana - Studying abroad, Philosophies and Twitter

Mia is Business Operations Associate at The Knowledge Society (TKS) and Co-founder at GOmana. We talk about deciding to study abroad, building GOmana, working at TKS, philosophies, Section 4, Twitter and more.

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(00:32) Being a Plant Mom

(01:38) Coming from Vietnam to Canada

(07:37) Culture Shock

(10:21) Origin story of GOmana

(19:01) Future of GOmana

(23:41) Working at The Knowledge Society

(29:10) Philosophical concepts

(42:28) Taking Section 4 program from Scott Galloway

(52:56) Twittter-verse

(59:18) TKS Twitter challenge

(01:02:05) Best decision in the past one year

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