443: #443: David Yarrow on Art, Markets, Business, and Combining It All
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David Yarrow on Art, Markets, Business, and Combining It All | Brought to you by Honey, Thrive Market, and LegalZoom

“I must never again put myself in a position where my work ethic can be undone by things totally beyond my control.” — David Yarrow

In his genre, David Yarrow (@davidyarrow) is one of the world’s best-selling fine art photographers. Most recently, he has focused on capturing the animal and human worlds in fresh and creative ways, with philanthropy and conservation central to this drive. In 2019, charitable donations from the sale of David’s images exceeded $2.5 million.

David’s photography of life on earth has earned him a large and ever-growing following among art collectors, and he is now represented by some of the top contemporary fine art galleries around the world. In the last two years, three of Yarrow’s works have sold for more than $100,000 at Sotheby’s auctions in London and New York, and UBS has also appointed David as its global ambassador.

In this conversation, we’ll talk about his photography, but also touch on how his double life as a hedge fund manager informed his art.

You can buy David’s #1 best-selling book with a $50 discount and a one-year free subscription to his new quarterly photographic journal at davidyarrow.photography/Tim

Please enjoy!

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