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Podcast Notes Key Takeaways

  • 2020 has been a crazy year: Australian wildfires, possible war with Iran, impeachment hearings, COVID, riots, protests, and more
  • Sam Parr is bullish on “dumb phones”- phones which usually only allow calling and texting 
    • “Dumb phones are going to be a lot more popular than they are now” – Sam Parr
  • James Altucher wishes there was an email service that also acted as a networking tool by reminding him to reach out to contacts he hasn’t spoken with for a while
  • A cool email service idea: Tack news reports about your contacts so that if someone reached out to you but you never got back to them and there’s a huge spike in news reports about them, the email service would recommend you to contact that person
  • “I think that the opportunity for these services, to me this is like bitcoin in 2011…the market is going to pull something amazing out of you, the likelihood of failing is quite low even if your product is bad with these email services” – Sam Parr
  • Since a lot of people are overwhelmed with email, expect more companies to shift to texting their customers with services like Community
    • “I think text right now is underutilized” – James Altucher
    •  The average open rate of a newsletter is 15-25% while for texts it’s around 90%

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Once again! We have our podcast favorite, Sam Parr back on again to talk about the top business trend right now! From non-alcoholic beverages to building lists, to newsletter to crate box and all! Enjoy, and build your own business!

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