7 Marketing Tools We Love For 2021 #1667

7 Marketing Tools We Love For 2021

In episode #1667, we talk about seven marketing tools that we love for 2021! From old favorites like Metadata and All in One SEO, to Piñata Farms and Recurly, these tools are guaranteed to boost your content creation, targeted marketing and more! Tune in to hear our favorite picks for the year ahead.


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: 7 Marketing Tools We Love For 2021.
  • [00:30] The usefulness of Lately for optimizing your content.
  • [01:08] How Recurly can help you with your subscription management.
  • [02:00] The rise of meme culture and tools like Piñata Farms for meme creation.
  • [02:27] Compiling and collating all your relevant data in Google Data Studio.
  • [02:54] The power of the Circle community for content creators.
  • [03:13] Get ready for the revamped version of the All in One SEO pack for WordPress!
  • [03:35] Metadata for account-based marketing; finding specific targets.
  • [04:03] That is it for today!
  • [04:24] Go to http://marketingschool.io/pro for a free trial of our Marketing School Community!

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Piñata Farms

Elon Musk


Google Data Studio


All in One SEO


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