7 Marketing Trends We're Excited About for 2021 #1668

7 Marketing Trends We’re Excited About for 2021

In episode #16, we share seven marketing trends we’re excited about for 2021! We discuss the prospects of Instagram Live interviews, the resurgence of email newsletters, YouTube, and the ever-present power of community building. For these and more, tune in to hear why you should be excited too!


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: 7 Marketing Trends We’re Excited About for 2021.
  • [00:29] The possibilities of recording on Clubhouse; even more to look forward to!
  • [00:52] Instagram Live interviews and why we can expect more and more of these.
  • [01:17] The power of community and the rising tied that raises all boats.
  • [01:53] Why free tools might surpass the popularity of content marketing this year.
  • [02:19] The comeback course that email newsletters are on right now.
  • [02:57] The steady and strong rise of voice technology and particularly voice search.
  • [03:50] What’s old is now new; the continued value and growth of YouTube.
  • [04:18] That is it for today!
  • [04:20] Go to https://www.levelingup.com/ to learn more about Eric’s new book!

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Leveling Up

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