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#82: Sam Kass on Trials by Fire and Cooking for The Obamas
The Tim Ferriss Show

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Sam Kass almost became a pro baseball player. Instead, he pivoted a history major into becoming the private chef for the Obamas in the White House. He then broke into national nutrition policy and was named #11 on Fast Company magazine’s 2011 list of “100 Most Creative People” for his work, which focused on establishing private-sector partnerships to reduce childhood obesity to just 5% by 2030. His story is amazing, his career turns are unexpected, and his trials by fire are hilarious. In this conversation, we talk about: – Baseball and the art of fielding – His odd leap to the culinary world and his escapades in Austria – How he met the Obamas – His favorite books, routines, and breakfast eggs – Simple cooking tricks and common mistakes – Nutrition, top-soil depletion, and organic food – Why he doesn’t like black pepper – And much, much more… Show notes (links, resources, books, etc.) for this episode can be found at And…please visit the sponsors for this episode! I’ve used them both. Mizzen + Main makes the only “dress” shirts I now travel with — fancy enough for important dinners but made from athletic, sweat-wicking material. No more ironing, no more steaming, no more hassle. Click here to see the exact shirts I wear most often. 99Designs is the world’s largest marketplace of graphic designers. I used 99Designs to rapid prototype the cover for The 4-Hour Body, which hit #1 New York Times. Here are some of the impressive results. Click this link and get a free $99 upgrade.  Give it a test run… 


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