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#83 Candice Mama - Forgiveness Redefined

Alex MacPhail talks to Candice Mama, who is an activist, published author, and speaker in her own podcast ‘Coffee With Candice’. She is truly an inspirational woman.
She's also Vogue magazine’s Top 33 most inspiring women in the world alongside Nicole Kidman and Michelle Obama. Named Africa's Top 20 Women by the African Union and the United Nations. The United Nations also celebrated 75 years that shows 75 people to celebrate, and Candice was chosen in this honour as one of the 75 interesting stories. So her story is all about forgiveness. Her father was murdered by an Apartheid assassin Eugene de Kock and she chose to forgive him and we talk about this in this episode.

Please enjoy this conversation and remember to reach out via social media channels with your questions. Send me your comments.

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Podcast by Candice Mama
Coffee With Candice – Instagram | Coffee With Candice – YouTube | Coffee With Candice – Podcast

Book by Candice Mama
Forgiveness Redefined: A Young Woman’s Journey Towards Forgiving the Apartheid Assassin who Brutally Murdered Her Father
Kindle Edition | Google Books Edition

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