Takes All Over The Place
Takes All Over The Place
86: Real Quick

The year is coming to a close and there’s so much to discuss! Julie guides us through a series of “real quick” takes on the new gay holiday movies, our girl squads on Yellowjackets and Sex Lives of College Girls, sleep drugs, floor pushups, tweets and more!

Show Notes:

@1:00 – Hot takes 1– Floor work, Single All the Way, Vanessa Williams, sleep drugs, The Bitch Who Stole Christmas, Painted with Raven, The Sex Lives of College Girls, Yellowjackets.

@28:45 – Hot takes 2 | Top Ten Tv Shows of the Year (lists by The Ringer and Esquire), Survivor, Scott Galloway, Nikki Glaser, Tweets of the Week and Canada’s Drag Race

@51:00 – Games! | Family Feud

Like 30 Rock? Like Nick and Julie? Listen to them on their 30 Rock rewatch podcast: Blerg! (@blergpodcast) wherever you listen to Takes.

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