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#98 with Ryan Begelman – How to Bootstrap Buying a Mountain
My First Million

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Sam Parr (@theSamParr) is joined by Ryan Begelman (@RyanBegelman). They talk about Ryan’s background and rise to success through Summit Series and raising enough money to buy a 10,000 acre mountain. In today’s episode we hear about Ryan’s background (1:15), Ryan talks about how Summit Series acquired a mountain (5:45), Sam and Ryan talk about frameworks for businesses and idea generation (17:33), Ryan talks about the future of “drop-servicing,” an alternative to drop-shipping (22:30), both guys geek out over subscription memberships and why they both love them (27:40), Ryan talks about how to reinvent the museum with immersive art and branded rooms. And how Meow Wolf created artistic rooms to experience art in a dynamic way (34:00), Ryan gives some advice on how to structure your business so you don’t need venture capital to start (38:30), Ryan asks “what if you could build the “Burning Man for the South” (47:20), Westminster Dog show for rescue dogs only and how to scale trade shows (50:45).

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