How To Citizen with Baratunde
How To Citizen with Baratunde
A Podcast-Sized History of Tech (with Scott Galloway)

Baratunde has been sounding the alarm about the perils of Big Tech for years. In this episode, he breaks down his journey in tech and talks with tech expert and sharp critic, Prof G, otherwise known as Scott Galloway, co-host of the Pivot Podcast. They dive into Scott’s summary of what the hell went wrong, his recent argument that corporations need to start acting “as citizens,” and how this idea of corporate citizening informs his investment strategy.

Guest: Scott Galloway
Bio: Marketing expert who specializes in critiquing the worlds of tech & business, and how they operate within capitalism.
Online: His website; @profgalloway on Twitter; the Pivot podcast

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Feeds and Feelings
Take a moment to reflect on your various social media feeds. If your FB or Instagram feed had a personality how would you describe it (ie. sassy with a bit of inspiration or snarky, gossipy, and entertaining)? How do your social media feeds make you feel? Consider training the algorithm by selecting accounts and content that pushes you forward rather than drags you down. A small but perhaps mighty action for your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Check out Baratunde’s Digital Manifesto
Read and contribute to an open Google Docs version of the manifesto here. Comment about what’s missing, improve it, or add references to work from others. Baratunde may share some of your feedback on his social channels. Also recommended by Scott, the book Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman available in our bookshop.

Ensure regulation of Big Tech
Here are three grassroots efforts you can join to ensure big tech doesn’t go unregulated. Join with others to lend your voice and skills. Check out –, working to free us from Amazon, and The Economic Liberties


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