Fox Across America w/ Jimmy Failla
Fox Across America w/ Jimmy Failla
A terrible week in the Biden presidency.... and The Supreme Court puts a stop to the OSHA vax mandate

On Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla, Fox News contributor Lara Trump shares her thoughts on the possibility of another Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump matchup in 2024. PLUS, Host of “Kennedy” on Fox Business Kennedy joins Jimmy to discuss President Biden’s very bad week.

[00:00:00] Biden’s No Good Very Bad Week

[00:16:49] Biden’s Disaster Week Continues

[00:18:22] SCOTUS OSHA Mandate Shutdown

[00:36:04] What’s Ahead After the Break?

[00:36:42] Could We See a Hilary Clinton 2024 Candidacy?

[00:53:24] 1:28 pm – Fox Across America

[00:55:05] Lara Trump, Fox News Contributor

[01:11:14] 1:55 pm – Fox Across America

[01:13:28] COVID Round-Up: Hospitals Staffing, Vaccine Ma

[01:29:08] 2:27 pm – Fox Across America

[01:31:49] 2:34 pm – Fox Across America

[01:49:41] 2:57 pm – Fox Across America

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