Chatting Over Chowder
Chatting Over Chowder
Always Love What You Do with Angie Jordan

If it’s not fun, Angie is definitely NOT in. As a marketer at her core with over 15 yrs of experience, Angie has worked with hundreds of business owners helping them get visible online through SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, and now Podcasting. She’s the brain child of podcast launching and marketing, landing many of her clients in the top ranks in their category, and helping her clients make money through their podcast.

When she’s not knee deep in podcast marketing, she’s enjoying a glass of wine, reading, or hanging out in her favorite cigar bar. And in the summer catch her at the sunny beaches of Florida 24/7

In this episode, Angie chats with us about:

  • Angie’s #1 Marketing Strategy
  • How she went from Man-eating to Podcasting
  • Why she had a practice podcast called “F*ck The Sh*t”!

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Get the framework that Angie teaches and implements with her 1:1 clients that shows them how to grow their business and sell via their podcast at

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