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Andrew Wilkinson – Buying Profitable Tech Businesses, Crypto’s Future, Losing $10mm on Flow
Winner Take All

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Tiny Capital Co-founder Andrew Wilkinson calls into the show to discuss  his approach to buying wonderful internet business, taking WeCommerce  Holdings public on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and what he thinks the  future could be for crypto and NFTs.  

Andrew is Co-founder of Tiny, a technology holding company using a  simple one-month acquisition process, then leaving the companies alone  to do their thing. Home to companies like Dribble, Flow, Creative  Market,  and Unicorn Hunt.

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00:58 – Bringing WeCommerce Public
06:06 – RTOs and SPACs
09:03 – Quick Deal Making Process
11:25 – Losing $10 Million vs Asana
17:34 – Profitable and Sustainable Tech Businesses
20:39 – Staying Under the Radar
21:49 – Meeting w/ Dustin Moskovitz
24:51 – Evaluating Potential Acquisitions
26:39 – Crypto Aligning Users and Owners
30:23 – Would You Issues a Dribbble Coin?
33:11 – Altcoins vs Marketable Securities
37:51 – Crypto, a Feature or a Product?
38:59 – BitClout
41:09 – What’s Interesting About NFTs
42:19 – Impossible to Regulate?
43:42 – Next Trends Andrew is Watching
45:36 – Closing Remarks

Originally Aired: 05/18/21
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