The Indian Startup Show
The Indian Startup Show
Anish Achuthan co-founder & CEO of Open a neo-banking startup disrupting the traditional banks & helping 700,000 + businesses in India automate their finances.

Building a digital bank to help small businesses in india. My guest today is Anish Achuthan CEO & co-founder of Open – a new age digital banking platform. In this episode he talks about how they raised $37 million from prominent investors, and shares amazing growth statistics. He talks about how they use customer acquisition channels. He shares UX strategies when developing the website & mobile app. Talks about being a 5x entrepreneur. Talks about the importance of branding and PR in getting your startup off the ground. Talks about how they evaluate talent. Going from 10 to 250 employees. Thoughts on demonetisation 4 years on. Hiring a sales guy when they couldn’t afford one. Pitching to investors with a live demo instead of a slide deck.And finally you will learn how to deal with corporate companies if you’re a startup.

In this conversation we also talk about:

  • User testing
  • Creating a pilot
  • Being the first mover in the market
  • Building Culture & Leadership
  • Being persistance
  • Being married to the co-founder
  • is ‘Cash still king?’
  • Reaching out to small villages
  • Banks having reservations in the early days
  • Integrating legacy systems

and much more



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music by Punch Deck.

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