Answering YOUR Questions about Podcasting

It’s a listener questions episode! I thought it would be fun to round out the summer by answering some questions you’ve asked about how to run and grow a podcast. I hope you enjoy! in Build Something More, I tell you all about what I learned at Skip the Grind and how it’s shaping my business, and this podcast, moving forward.

Top Takeaways

  • The biggest way to grow your show is by having a clear Call to Action and a strong show notes page.
  • BUILD YOUR LIST! No matter what you’re trying to do – build a community, sell products, sell a course or service – your email list is the life’s blood of your business and your podcast can help you grow it.
  • There are 2 million podcasts but only about 65% are actually active. For comparison, There are over 37 million YouTube channels.

Show Notes

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