Apple’s App Store Concession, The Rise of Social Audio & “Bad Blood” Author John Carreyrou on Elizabeth Holmes’ Trial

Our anchors start off today’s show with the details on Apple’s latest app store changes as part of a settlement with the Japan Fair Trade Commission. We bring in Platformer Editor Casey Newton to further break down the changes and share where he sees future growth for the company outside of its app store. We also have the details on YouTube Music hitting a major milestone of 50 million paid subscribers and we cover the launch of Twitter’s subscription service Super Follows. Next, Co-Founder of new social podcasting app Callin’ and Former PayPal COO David Sacks joins to discuss the social audio space and investing in fintech. Later, we’re following the Elizabeth Holmes trial with “Bad Blood” Author John Carreyrou joining us live outside the courthouse in San Jose to share his take on the case. Then, we hear from Solv CEO Heather Fernandez as the health tech startup secures a $45 million funding round. And later, Wall Street Journal Reporter Joanna Stern is here to share her thoughts on Apple’s app store saga.

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