Fox Across America w/ Jimmy Failla
Fox Across America w/ Jimmy Failla
Are Rules Changing to Be Considered "Fully Vaccinated"?

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Representative Warren Davidson weighs in on the economy and vaccine mandates… PLUS Chris Bedford from the Federalist weighs-in on Day 3 of the Rittenhouse Trial and the Judge’s media lashing.

[00:00:00] Fully Vaccinated… How Many Shots Will We Need?

[00:15:46] Listeners Weigh-In on Changing Vaccine Rules

[00:18:21] Kamala Harris Makes Waves Again

[00:34:50] Rittenhouse Judge Bans MSNBC From Courtroom

[00:36:41] New Politico Poll Questions Biden’s Mental Abi

[00:52:44] Jimmy Takes Listeners Calls

[00:55:03] Representative Warren Davidson (R-OH)

[01:11:37] Jimmy the Legal Analyst

[01:13:25] Judge Lashes out at the Media .. and Bans MSNBC

[01:29:46] Jimmy Thanks Listeners

[01:31:46] Author at The Federalist Chris Bedford – Weigh

[01:46:59] Friday Preview…. and… Carol Baskin and Tig

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