Copy and pasting an email we sent out to our Patreon supporters earlier today:

With a growing newsletter following and high traffic web site, we can finally say goodbye to politically motivated legacy fiat gatekeepers like Patreon. An envious position for a media company.

Thank you all for the past and current support. This serves as notice that I’m deleting this Patreon account, so please cancel your pledge. It’s always tough to turn down what is basically passive or easy monthly income, even if it’s only $130/mo., but ideologically this must be done.

The Patreon emails are getting more and more out of control, it’s a form of grooming what Big Tech is doing to us and the answer is “no more.” The answer is Crypto Now, perhaps, too.

If you ever need to be in touch, I have a contact form on my blog here.

As Balaji Srinivasan (@balajis) recently tweeted, “You reverse the direction of sanction: cancel them first.”

That’s all we’re doing here. Canceling them first. Don’t need their money, don’t need their lectures, and don’t need their guard rails for what can and cannot be said politely online, among free thinkers. FULCRUM is doing just fine, don’t need Patreon any more.

Enough is enough.

The moment more of us start to walk the walk – with our wallets and income streams – all these centralized wokefests will either shape up and treat their customers like human beings again, or all the demand will move to uncensorable P2P finance anyway, which is what is happening at light speed more or less.

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