Volume Up by The Tease
Volume Up by The Tease
Beauty Is For Everyone: How Non-Binary TikTokers Navigate Beauty Standards

Interview with Kellin Suede
Kellin Suede is a black non-binary content creator from San Diego, California. Their alternative clothing shop, Kayelle Suede, is all about breaking the rules to stand out. While it began as a merch store for Kellin’s youtube channel, Kayelle Suede has now branched out into something much bigger, offering makeup, jewelry, and art. Kellin has also had the opportunity to do big collaborations, including his most recent one: The Revolution Collection featuring Kellin Quinn, lead singer of the American rock band, Sleeping With Sirens. The future for Kayelle Suede will be full of inclusivity, individualism, and love. Kellin’s overall goal for their brand is to reach those who feel alone and bring them to a safe space as the Suede family.
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