Becky Mendoza & Emi Koch – How to Protect the Environment, Travel The World, and Give Back to Local Communities
Wild Ideas Worth Living

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Becky Mendoza and Emi Koch’s Wild Ideas: To advocate for the environment, give back to local communities, travel the world, and encourage other surfers and travelers to use their voices and make a difference.

Becky Mendoza is the founder of Changing Tides Foundation, and Emi Koch created Beyond the Surface International. Both non-profits connect surfers and travelers around causes that give back to local communities, and create positive change. These young women are inspiring not only because they took their wild ideas to do good on a local level, but because they’ve also been able to organize others to implement their ideas on a global scale. We talked about how to find the cause that lights you up, how to seek joy now, and why you get so much more from giving than you ever get from getting.

Listen to this episode if: 

  • Giving back is important to you.
  • You want to protect the environment. 
  • You want to travel the world.
  • You love meditation and exercise, especially surfing.
  • You want to know how to get more involved in your community or while you travel. 

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